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Redefining 1:1 Personal Training


Bespoke 1:1 Personal Training

From our weight training methodology to our weight loss approach to the way we include recovery, this is truly a service like no other:

  • Massage Gun before/after session

  • Specific Training methodologies with form/reps

  • No calorie counting/understanding cravings 

Our Speciality

We all have different bodies, different ages, different goals, the list goes on.. It is vital that you have a tailored programme just for you in order to achieve your health & fitness goals

Private Gym

We all want to be able to work out in a gym to ourselves, no outside noise, nobody watching you workout, your playlist, your vibe

Advanced Tech

You will find no gym in the whole of Richmond Borough with state of the art hand built, hand finished equipment from the Netherlands. A brand new hand built gym, all to yourself

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